15 MarTexas Hold’em Limit and No Limit

The objective of this paper is to compare the game to limit and No limit to direct each player to specialties that are more adapted to their way of addressing the hands of a game of Texas Hold’em


  • Size of Bets: As their name implies, the main difference between the two types is given by the type of betting. In No Limit player can invest all your chips in a single moment without having to meet the maximum bets, while in the game Limit bets and raises are set.

    For example, if you’re playing a cash table Limit $ 10 / $ 20, before and after the flop you can bet and raise by $ 10, but after the turn and river after the bets and raises increase to $ 20 .

  • Play draw hands: since the bets are limited, follow a project or color scale in the game most of the time limit is a good bet. In No Limit games but the more experienced players take this decision considering the convenience of a call depending on the size of the pot, the bet and the amount of chips that each player has
  • Bluff: in No Limit often you try to exit from the opponents hand before concluding with big bets, perhaps depicting a stronger than they actually possessed. This is much more complicated game Limit because the odds are very small and hard to get other players when they have a point or a project.
  • Risk: Based on the above considerations we can say that in the game Limit your decisions are less influential and often affect the whole game because any error “costs” shortly. In No Limit was instead in the opposite situation: at any time during the game you may find yourself having to make important decisions that can make one go wrong with losing everything they had accumulated with good play up to that point .


  • Rules: The game is always Texas Hold’em, so the rules are the same for both specialties. Only change the type of betting.
  • Fortune: The case can play tricks or have unexpected win hands in both games the same way. But a good poker player should know that fortune rewards the episode: the long run if you make the right decisions always will be a winning player.
  • Strategy: To win in all disciplines and 2 do not need to take samples from play. Especially for beginners it is necessary to have a simple and regular conduct of the race, based on some ‘math and without the need of having to resort to bluff unlikely and dangerous.


For those taking their first steps into the world of poker will be many errors that it will experience. Therefore it is advisable for beginners to start playing in Limit form: every mistake will cost less and with increasing experience we can move on to play No Limit even at higher levels.

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