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Many people searching Derek Fisher’s Twitter. I have completed my searching, and I will post the result here. And if you don’t know who is Derek Fisher, then you need to read this sort article about him.

Get Connected to Derek Fisher

Welcome to the Playoffs, L.A. Lakers. It’s about time you showed up to this party.

Everyone’s talking about the party at Staples Center. Let’s recap the series of events that happened in the second half.

Luis Scola pulled down Lamar Odom’s jersey while Odom was coming down from a shot. Luke Walton and Sasha Vujacic went up to Scola’s face right after.
The very next play, Derek Fisher laid out Scola by bumping into him as Scola set a pick. Derek Fisher got a cut on his head after that collision. It was determined a Flagrant 2 and Fisher was tossed out of the game.
Later on, Ron Artest complained that Kobe Bryant’s elbow got him on the throat. After Artest pleaded his case with the referees, he ran over to Kobe to tell him what’s up. After a few minutes, Artest was kicked out of the game as well.
And seemingly every time Kobe got the ball, he scored and would yell, “YOU CAN’T GUARD ME!” (It actually got to the point where it got annoying but, hey, if you’re on fire, you’re on fire.) Kobe finished with a cool 40 points.

We know Houston is a physical team. And they were basically trying to punk L.A. in this series. The Lakers get criticized for being soft and, sometimes, I think it’s a bit unfair. Some of us have watched the Lakers morph into a stronger team, both physically and mentally. Those Laker/Celtic games in the regular season should be proof enough that they are no longer soft (see Odom confront Kevin Garnett?). But if that didn’t convince them, this game should have.

L.A. is fighting back. They will no longer be bullied. As I asked, was Derek Fisher’s foul cheap? Oh, yeah. I’m not going to deny that and Laker fans are probably going to agree with me. Was it necessary? It probably was. L.A. needed to send a message to Houston. They are not going to be punked anymore. This might have been the first time I saw the Lakers defend their teammates in years. I believe Houston’s woken up a sleeping giant.

And while I predicted that L.A. would finish off Houston in an “easy” five games a week ago, the basketball fan in me is hoping it’ll go a rough-and-tumble seven games. Houston isn’t backing down, either, and I will give them all the credit in the world for that. But L.A. knows that in order for them to win the title, they’ll have to fight fire with fire, cheap shots be damned.

Derek Fisher isn’t allowed to be anywhere near the arena for tonight’s Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinals in Houston, but you don’t have to wait until tommorrow to hear what he thought of the game.

Fisher, who is suspended for tonight’s game for his foul of Luis Scola in Game 2, will be twittering throughout the game. His site is http://twitter.com/derekfisher.

Here’s his opening tweet:

“Since I can’t be @ the arena, I’ll be here with you guys, the fans, as I watch! I’ll tweet on time outs, commercials, etc & weigh in. GO LA!”

Derek Fisher is over here in a real life fatal attraction!

This chick named Symone has been stalking him for years. You might know her as the “Real Mrs. Fisher” because that’s what she goes by on her MySpace , Facebook accounts.

And, yeah those are the real ones…

Symone The Real Mrs. Fisher Lake

Fisher went and got the restraining order against the crazy ho today. And he is saying that he don’t even know her. Yet she’s been running around town telling her girls that they’re married and are about to have a kid. Word!

And the triv part is that the chick has already legally changed her last name to Fisher. Now that’s something that the white chick in Obsessed never did.

And she even sends him love letters and luckily for us he saved them so we all could see how crazy this ho was.

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